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Initial DEX Offering, or IDO, is an increasingly popular fundraising strategy within the blockchain ecosystem that helps businesses raise money for blockchain-based projects.

In addition to the benefits that blockchain offers for company operations, it also presents exciting updates to mainstream fundraising.


What is an Initial DEX Offering?

An IDO is a token release hosted on a decentralized exchange (DEX). When a project declares an IDO, it launches a DEX token that prospective investors can buy. Buying these tokens gives investors the chance to fund the blockchain project while in its early stages, with the possibility of significant returns down the road.

IDO is one of a few favorable funding options for new blockchain projects, primarily because of its higher efficiency relative to avenues like IEOs and ICOs. Furthermore, decentralized exchanges offer peer-to-peer transactions, which means projects do not suffer any restrictions on when, who, and from where they can get funded.

  • IDO is undoubtedly the next step in blockchain finance and especially DeFi. Launching an IDO can enable your business to engage your community within an ecosystem that enriches your product and decision-making processes while giving you an easily scalable financing platform.

IDO, ICO, IEO, and IPO: What’s the Difference?

As funding vehicles, initial DEX offerings have some resemblances to traditional initial public offerings, as well as blockchain-based initial coin offerings (ICO) and initial exchange offerings (IEO).

  • The most significant difference between blockchain offerings and IPOs is that a token launch is not an invitation for investors to buy into the project. Rather than getting equity, a buyer acquires cryptocurrency and expects investment returns as the value of the token increases.

IDO is more closely related to ICO and IEO than IPOs because it is based on blockchain networks. In an IEO, however, the token launch happens on a centralized exchange controlled by third-party players. Centralized exchanges like Huobi Prime and Binance Launchpad vet issuers and offer know-your-customer (KYC), regulatory, anti-fraud, and marketing services. Most exchanges charge highly for these services, and some prohibit a project from listing its token on competing exchanges. On the bright side, you get to relax and watch as investors trickle in with the assurance that your coin offering is 100% compliant.

In both ICOs and IDOs, token issuers do not pay any direct fees to underwriters. Instead, they embody the peer-to-peer ethos of native cryptos like Bitcoin, giving projects complete control over how they raise their funds. However, ICOs differ from IDOs in that, in an ICO, tokens are typically minted on the coin issuer’s website. To mint, the company needs an exchange listing, preferably a top-tier centralized exchange. As a result, the cost-saving benefits of choosing an ICO over an IEO are significantly downsized.

IDO - A Cheaper, Quicker Way To Fundraise

IDOs are fully launched on decentralized exchanges. Therefore, they do not require coin issuers to raise capital for paying centralized platforms. Once launched, a token is instantly available for trading in the DEX, achieving both speed and savings. Furthermore, because decentralized exchanges are controlled by automated smart contracts, IDOs do not provide room to impose the lock-up periods common in ICOs. In contrast, most ICOs offer insiders and early adopters more favorable terms compared to regular buyers.

The decentralized nature of IDOs creates more room for fraud and bot activity than in IEOs and ICOs. Many IDO launchpads limit buyers to a pre-approved safelist to address this threat. Investors must hold the launchpad’s native token to get safelisted.

The Challenges of IDO Marketing

Initial DEX Offerings give coin issuers the benefit of launching tokens quickly and cheaply. The savings they offer can be critical for businesses with limited funds and sole reliance on blockchain investors. However, while IEOs provide marketing services, IDO coin issuers shoulder the entire burden of marketing their offerings.

IDO marketing is an intricate mix of approaches, all with the one goal of building an active and supportive community around your project. The most effective campaigns employ diverse tactics, including blog content, search engine optimization, influencers, and popular developer channels like Github, Stack Overflow, Reddit, and Quora. With all these channels at a project’s disposal, it is easy for an inexperienced marketer to stumble and make mistakes. Every IDO marketing misstep reduces your project’s momentum toward getting investors on board, costing you both time and money.

  • Fortunately, IDO marketing companies exist to relieve young blockchain-based businesses from the troubles of setting up and executing a campaign. ICOService can work with you to develop the campaign your project needs to get funded quickly and cost-effectively.

Marketing your IDO with ICOService

If you are gearing up to launch your token in a decentralized exchange, you need a robust community with active members to support your project. However, with numerous other moving parts begging for your attention, going at marketing alone can result in an ineffective campaign that loses more money than it gains.

ICOService offers the ideal marketing service for initial DEX offerings. Our vast and comprehensive knowledge and experience in blockchain technology, and digital marketing enable us to draft new-age, dynamic strategies that will give your business a comfortable edge over the competition. With functionalities like SEO, Email advertising, Social Media, and Pay-per-Click, we can help you boost both lead generation and investor conversion.

Below is a list of some of our most impactful IDO marketing services.

Web development

A professional website can significantly boost your IDO marketing efforts. ICOService designers can deliver an attractive, intuitive, informative, adaptable, and scalable online base for your project. That way, you can give web visitors the impression that turns them from browsers to investors.

IDO Press-release

A press release is an effective way to attract participants to your project. It allows you to inform potential investors about your motivations, goals, and plans and introduce your team to the community. However, as a new project owner, you may struggle to create an effective release. Thankfully, you can count on ICOService to make and publish the press release that will give your IDO the best start possible.

Content marketing

A great website and press release can boost traffic to your platform. However, you must have engaging content to keep your newfound community invested. ICOService is an expert in all things IDOs and the blockchain space. Our content team can create the blog content you need to maintain your community.

Search Engine Optimization

The content you publish needs visibility to promote your IDO. With an effective SEO strategy, you can optimize your content to get the best placement on popular search engines. ICOService is experienced in SEO for blockchain content and can help you create the most engaging content.

Social media management

Social media platforms have become dramatically popular for large-audience marketing. Although popular sites like Facebook and Twitter do not allow crypto promotion, you can launch an effective IDO campaign on Reddit, Quora, and professional forums. ICOService is already well established on these channels and can build your community in no time.

Influencer marketing

Blockchain influencers can be massively valuable when marketing an IDO. They come with sizable communities of fans that trust their opinion and can be more effective than you at delivering your message. Selecting influencers for your project can be tricky, but you can count on ICOService to get your ICO pushed by the right people.

Email-targeted marketing

If done correctly, email marketing can be one of the best IDO marketing techniques. An effective email campaign uses personalized messages that address potential investors individually. ICOService can help you market your IDO by creating targeted emails that explain your offering in simple language and convince readers to open your website.

Pay-per-click integration

PPC campaigns can increase the chatter about your IDO dramatically. By placing your ads on popular blockchain and crypto websites, you can direct significant traffic to your website. ICOService runs the most effective PPC campaigns for IDOs. We know precisely where to place your ads for maximum visibility and returns.

ICOService Goes The Extra Mile

The IDO community is changing every day. Each month, the market gets bombarded with new IDO launches that sway prospective investors in all sorts of directions. As a result, a regular marketing strategy can be inadequate when trying to beat the competition for funding. To yield top results, you need a robust, cutting-edge marketing company that does not stop at just the services listed above.

ICOService is the top blockchain and crypto marketing company. Our specialized IDO marketing strategy is threaded with current and future market trends, the latest technology, and expert marketers dedicated to launching your DEX offering successfully. In addition to technical services, ICOService helps you boost your token price and market cap by maintaining constant communication with investors, educating users about your project, encouraging innovation on your platform, and increasing community participation.

Additionally, ICOService values integrity and confidentiality and offers unparalleled privacy to data and transactions. We are highly organized and committed to results, and we are available 24/7 to give you the support you need to make your IDO marketing campaign successful.

  • ICOService prides itself in providing the best marketing visibility for Initial DEX Offerings. Choose us today, and let us make your IDO marketing task easier, quicker, and as effective as possible.

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