ICO credibility checklist


Companies will need a proven existing business with revenues, leveraging blockchain technology, tokenization, encryption, and decentralization. Clear and adapted legal structure, accurate financials, a clear road-map and expertise in the related business must be provided. A template website and white paper is not enough.



International teams should be a mix of experts in tech and business. The human component needs to be one of the main drivers of credibility and future success of the company.


Projects should be backed by a high quality board of advisors and endorsed by well-known institutional investors.


Community being at the core of blockchain … companies need strong community on social media (telegram and Github) and through Meetups. This is a way of measuring the potential swarm and goodwill of a company.


Strong blockchain partners.


New standards for valuation.


Transparency on what will drive the token price on the market. This exercise requires an honest and unbiased assessment of the project.


The token should be linked to the legal entity through the C-share protocol or something similar.

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