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The ICO Road Show model

So many startups struggle and fail where they would otherwise have had an easy victory-simply because they did not network. A research conducted by Hackernoon from July 1st of 2017 to September 25th 2017 revealed a 59% failure rate of ICOs. As a startup, the benefits of networking are critical to the success of your ICO, your personal growth and to the growth of your crypto currency. The ICO Road show model is all about networking, building capacities, sharing knowledge, getting connections, building relationships and taking action. Building a successful crypto currency takes a lot of effort, drive and time.

It could be a lot easier if you drew your energy from a network of experts, colleagues in the industry, and developers among others. By surrounding yourself with people who have already succeeded in ICOs and crypto currency, those who share similar drive and ambition to yours, you are more likely to achieve similar successes. Then you wouldn’t have to learn from your own mistakes but from the experience of those who have gone before you. And again two are better than one! You can take advantage of the ICO Road Show Model to visit their locations. The model presents opportunities of networking with potential investors for ICO startups/companies to raise money in private token sale from investors in order to make your ICO successful.

The following are snapshots of what to expect

Attend Founders Track and Blockchain Road Show for Your Perfect Token Sale. There would be a world Crypto Economic Forum in San Francisco, January 15-21 with such agendas like:

  • Pitching
  • The token architecture day
  • Blockchain community and legal day
  • Token sales meetings

Showcase your company to founders, advisors, and token holders of major blockchain enterprises, investment funds and exchanges. You will have a chance to meet with founders, advisors of the following top ICO sale companies among other leading companies.


Gain industry insights from our experts and learn their success stories to do your own exceptional token sale campaign. You would have a lot to learn; for instance, the top five ICOs, who are they and additionally what made their ICOs tick. So here is a list of the five top ICOs.

  • 1. Filecoin for decentralized storage that raised $257million
  • 2. Tezos a platform for smart contracts and raised $232 million
  • 3. EOS that supports infrastructures for apps and raised $185 million
  • 4. Bancor, a new crypto currency that raised $153 million
  • 5. Status-mobile Ethereum OS which raised $90 million


Insights into their success

Blockchain development

Successful ICO projects not only leveraged the potential in blockchain technology but sought to demonstrate how the tokens they had created would solve a problem in the real world. That is, how their product is tokenized. They went beyond the buying and selling of their coins on the exchanges to offering consumer real value that created real demand which lasted beyond the ICO. Those that failed to create value had their value drop and subsequent reduction in their returns on investments.

A reputable, and credible team, and advisors

These are the face of the ICO. An ICO gains investors’ confidence and trust when a reputable team of experts examine the white paper and its claims and endorse it. Such team members are usually very well-known and the ICO openly provides evidence of their strong performance track record through their social media references, their source code on Github among others.

Successful pre-sale

A successful pre-sale boosts greatly the chances of having a successful ICO. Roadshows and investor relations are critical in convincing the most significant of investors and also in expanding the set of potentially targeted investors.

Viral media communications

Public Relations and media communication are essential in communicating ICO messages. Creation of investor appealing messages that are clear on the ICO, interesting, and authoritative content, aimed at being viral would go a long way in marketing.

Excellent service providers

The success of the major team for the ICO largely depends on the commitment and excellence of the support service providers. For instance, the legal team, the token distribution system, and web developers among others should ensure commitment and excellence.

Bottom Line

The concept of ICOs is not complex, it is just about users exchanging one asset (cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or ether) in return for another asset (tokens), which they believe will have higher value for them in the future e.g. through financial gain or utility by accessing some “decentralized” product or service. This is like an initial public offering (IPO) of financial assets, but here the asset is a novel instrument that has little or no precedence for comparison or valuation. In most cases the issuing companies do not even have a product let alone established product market fit, so models for supply/demand are few and far between.

Ulimately the only tangible basis to assess any form of utility and hence value offered by these assets is based on what the issuer provides, either through a whitepaper or other forms of communications. But the bottom line is that others have made it in ICOs, you too can. You must start from where they left and build up to your invincible success in your ICO. It is not hard, take advantage of the ICO Road Show Model and learn from the gurus, starting with the tips outlined above, then build your success.

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