Marketmaking for your ICO



to New Users

Grow your Token 5-15 times

How Do We Get There

  • Work on the product development: Set up continuous product releases every 2-3 weeks
  • Distribute limited number of free tokens for each new product release to try product
  • Onboard new users by giving them free token to try product
  • Advertise product/community ($100,000-300,000) per month
  • Grow community of your users 5-30 times in 2-4 months
  • Onboard community users, crypto traders and crypto investors (whales and hedge funds)

Benefits of Post ICO Growth

  • Your Marketcap grows 10-50 times in 2-7 months
  • Your user base grows 10-30 times
  • Your Token Holders became your best users and sign you songs (to MOON)
  • Develop product that your users easily adopt and use, sign new customers and partners
  • Get daily trading volume from 20-150M USD
  • No legal treats to sue because of doing nothing
  • Opportunity to sell tokens from 10 to 50M

ICOService: Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for additional information. We will be happy to discuss with You our services, answer any questions, and help to grow Your token.