Crypto Marketing to Grow Your Token 10-20X

Tokens on exchanges require a high degree of attention to crypto investors:
As much as 90% of trading volume is from crypto investors.


As much as 90% of trading volume is from retail

Social media has altered the way many tokens trade. It’s not just humans who are analyzing the social platforms for ideas, it’s trading algorithms, too.

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How do investors discover
tokens on social media?

Investors don’t stick to just one network. They move around.
The decision to buy is made in in the third phase.

We know that investor marketing is what differentiates “parity tokens”

Balance sheets being equal, the firm with superior investor marketing usually has a 5-10x higher valuation.

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Social media impacts valuation:

  • Asset allocations
  • Share of retail ownership in ICOs
  • Liquidity events
  • Rumour trading
  • Trading depths
  • Perception of management
  • Valuation

Investors love tokens that receive more than their fair share of attention.

With ICOs, retail investor participation determines which ICOs “pop” and which ones don’t.


Target Clients

Our investor marketing campaigns include one or more of these media channels:
  • Retargeting
  • PR
  • Email
  • Paid Search
  • Internet/Display
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

In what areas should you increase your INVESTOR MARKETING?


How do crypto investors discover tokens?

  • Finding new trading ideas

    Social media is ideal for investors because information is relayed in real time. Some investors will check their favorite traders on Bitcointalk, Telegram, Twitter, while others turn to dedicated forums on Reddit

  • Due diligence and research

    In this phase, investors use multiple networks. Research can be a time consuming process, but it can also last seconds. Telegram, Bitcointalk, Reddit, Twitter, the company’s website, Google search and CoinMarketCap play slightly different roles towards the same goal: making a decision.

  • Decision making

    Buy, sell or hold? These decisions are made using Reddit, Twitter and Telegram. Investors are interested in whether interest and sentiment is increasing or decreasing, as well as any final red flags.

How We Sign Up Crypto Investors?

How Do We Get There

  • Work on the product development: Set up continuous product releases every 2-3 weeks
  • Distribute limited number of free tokens for each new product release to try product
  • Onboard new users by giving them free token to try product
  • Advertise product/community ($100,000-300,000) per month
  • Grow community of your users 5-30 times in 2-4 months
  • Onboard community users, crypto traders and crypto investors (whales and hedge funds)

Benefits of Post ICO Growth

  • Your Marketcap grows 10-50 times in 2-7 months
  • Your user base grows 10-30 times
  • Your Token Holders became your best users and sing you songs (to MOON)
  • Develop product that your users easily adopt and use, sign new customers and partners
  • Get daily trading volume from 20-150M USD
  • No legal treats to sue because of doing nothing
  • Opportunity to sell tokens from 10 to 50M

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