How to get listed on
top crypto exchanges

There are numerous reasons to create a new cryptocurrency token, but the true success of a token (like it or not) is the excitement of the community behind that token. Getting listed on top crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and ensures a token lands in the hands of the masses. With that, a token can build its community even further. It's like a chicken and the egg situation, where a token requires a strong community to attract the big crypto exchanges, but that community often doesn't come along until after listing on a top exchange. Then how do you get listed on top crypto exchanges?

In this article, we acknowledge the roadblocks you may encounter when trying to list a token on a place like Binance. Furthermore, we explore the requirements to get listed, along with the best strategies to gain enough attention for a successful exchange launch.

Specific requirements to get listed on the top crypto exchanges
(like Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken)

Each cryptocurrency exchange has its own particular rules for token applications. You must follow these rules similar to how an app developer must abide by rules set forth to submit apps to the Apple or Google Play Stores.

These are the bare minimum requirements, the essentials that you absolutely must follow in order to get your cryptocurrency listed on the top exchanges. If you miss something, there's little chance you succeed with the listing.

To make matters more complicated, each cryptocurrency exchange has unique submission guidelines and acceptance requirements (some of which are rather vague).

Below, we outline the requirements for the most popular crypto exchanges so that you don't miss any of the essentials while applying. Jump to the different exchange sections depending on which ones you plan on approaching.

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How to get your token listed on Binance (the requirements)

When it comes to trading volume, Binance beats out all crypto exchanges. That's why it's such an appealing place to get your cryptocurrency listed.

Here are the requirements to get your token listed on Binance:

  • 1. You must have a significant user base. The exact token price and user count isn't specified by Binance, but it's clear that Binance wants higher numbers.
  • 2. A token listing application must be filled out by the CEO of the cryptocurrency organization/company, or a key person from the organization, like a CFO, CTO, or head developer.
  • 3. You must disclose all relevant information requested through the application process.
  • 4. It's important for listing candidates to have a strong circulation within the market, whether through airdrops, listings on other exchanges, or peer-to-peer sending.

After further research, we analyzed some of the most recent token listings on Binance. This way, we can establish a range of volume and token price that might be required for Binance to accept a token.

  • PHB: Listed its PHB/USDT pair at $0.411 with $23.3M in volume (24hrs)
  • HOOK: Listed at $2.03 with $238M in volume
  • MAGIC: Listed at $0.975 with $2.71M in volume
  • OP: Listed at $1.0934 with $649M in volume
  • APT: Listed at $7.6933 with $1.89B in volume
  • OSMO: Listed at $5.4863 with a volume of $0

From this small sample, we can see that it's generally best to have a token price that's notable: higher than the pennies you see with so many cryptocurrencies. One of the lowest token prices recently listed on Binance was the $0.411 PHB pairing with USDT. Other than that, new tokens on Binance are typically equal to or higher than $1. As for volume, again you should rely on building a notable circulation of your token for Binance to consider listing. MAGIC was the lowest we recently saw at $2.71M in volume. Most new tokens don't have a volume of $1B, but it's not uncommon. We've seen more within the range of $20M to $300M.

How to get your token listed on Coinbase

To list your cryptocurrency on Coinbase, complete their application, provide all documentation required, and follow these basic rules:

  • 1. Walk through the four phases of Coinbase token listings: transfer-only, post-only, limit-only, and full trading. Most tokens can't circumvent this method of rolling out tokens.
  • 2. Your token must be a notable player in the crypto market with respectable volume and pricing. This is based on a proprietary digital asset evaluation, which is not shared with the public.
  • 3. Complete all forms with the necessary documentation about your organization.

Keep in mind that Coinbase often lists tokens even if the creator hasn't submitted an application. So, you may be able to get listed on Coinbase without going through the application. However, those lucky few usually abide by Coinbase's rules already.

How to get your token listed on has several requirements to get listed on its exchange:

  • 1. Your token must pass all security reviews put forth by
  • 2. The token must pass all legal reviews for the jurisdiction served.
  • 3. Each prospective token must address a unique need in the crypto market.
  • 4. You must fill out all forms provided by to get a token listed.

How to get your token listed on the Kraken exchange

To get the process started with Kraken, you must submit a request for listing to the New Coin Listing email.

Here's what they expect from new tokens at Kraken:

  • 1. You must explain as much as possible about the project, ranging from the people involved to the roadmap for the future.
  • 2. The request needs to come from a developer or member of the crypto project, not just a fan of the token.
  • 3. There is no public document with guidelines for Kraken, but you can pretty much send whatever you want to the email address, giving you flexibility.
  • 4. Specify where the token is currently listed, along with details like token price, volume, and market cap.

Optional (but very important) elements that
improve your chances of getting listed on crypto exchanges

In short, the top crypto exchanges want to list legitimate projects that bring value to the overall cryptocurrency community. The exchanges tend to skip over projects with limited scope and volume, since there's no reason for them to use their own infrastructures for something that won't produce a return.

Therefore, we recommend addressing the following (optional but very important) requirements before applying to crypto exchanges:

Make the token secure

Step #1 is to ensure the security of your token. The general public still distrusts many segments of the crypto world due to lack of transparency and security. Not to mention, crypto exchanges can get digitally attacked. So it's important to build a security infrastructure that users can trust, even if the exchange they use has troubles.

Make it liquid

The liquidity of a token makes it significantly more valuable, seeing as how people want to trade coins and potentially cash them out whenever they want. That's the whole point of any currency, so you should do your best to make your token as tradeable as possible.

Build a strong user base

Exchanges like to see that lots of users have adopted a token. This is perhaps the most important metric to share when applying for listings on exchanges. How much trading volume occurs on a daily basis? How many people talk about your token on places like Reddit and Twitter? Does the community like and trust your team?

Offer a useful product

Several exchanges require you to have a token that solves a problem in the crypto market. Regardless of where you try to get listed, all tokens should serve a purpose. Coins like DOGE and SHIB are fun opportunities for developers, and some people make a lot of money off them, but they're far from what the exchanges want to see. Your best bet is to establish a clear offering for users. It's nice for customers to come to your website and create something or use a product. This way, exchanges have no trouble seeing that your token has a useful purpose in the crypto ecosystem.

Construct a reputable team

Trendy names will only get you so far. You want a team with proven resumes in the crypto space, including developers with experience in the field. Not only that, but it's good to have marketing and public relations workers with a vigor for the product. Exchanges look at your team to see if you have potential for growth and improvement. Do you offer a clear roadmap? Are you sharing weekly or monthly updates with the community? Are concerns addressed in a timely manner?

What's next after you applied to list a token?

Sometimes you'll receive a letter declining the listing. Sometimes you'll get accepted. Regardless, it's essential to continue working on the project as always, especially considering you may have to wait a significant amount of time for a reply. Continue fostering your community, share regular updates, and improve your product to show the exchanges that you're a serious contender that should get listed on the top crypto exchanges. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

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