ICO Services- Pricing

PR and Marketing (negotiable depending on budget) $150,000-$500,000
Localization Management (includes 3 languages) $3,000
Whitepaper Preparation $10,000
Prospectus Preparation $2,000
ICO Investor Accounts $10,000
ICO Website Landing Page w/ Infographics and Design $5,000
ICO Smart Contract $5,000
ICO Project Manager ($5,000/month for 3 months) $15,000
ICO Customer Service $5,000
Token Exchange Listing Assistance (per successful listing) $5,000
Escrow Agents for ICO Funds (includes 2 agents) $6,000
Due Diligence Report $5,000
Legal Services (3rd party) $500/hr
Post-ICO Bitcoin Price Volatility Hedging Service Negotiable
Post-ICO Blockchain and Software Engineering $250-350/hr

Project Summary

Total Estimated Pre-ICO Investment $221,000-$571,000
Estimated Timeframe 4 months
Total Due at Signing $20,000
Estimated Monthly Hosting Fees Post-ICO $1,500/month
Success Fee 5%

ICOService: Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for additional information. We will be happy to discuss with You our services, answer any questions, and help to grow Your token.